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* Hypertension (excess-type) with anger, flushed face, dizziness, and throbbing headache

* Viral infection, such as genital herpes and herpes zoster

* Bacterial or fungal infections, such as urinary tract infection, vaginal infection, yeast infection, herpes infection, boils, carbuncles, acute cystitis, urethritis, and related discomforts or dysfunctions

* Liver and gallbladder disorders, such as acute icteric hepatitis, and acute cholecystitis



  • Antihypertensive effect to lower blood pressure

  • Antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal effects for a variety of infections

  • Hepatoprotective and cholagogic functions to treat liver and gallbladder disorders

  • Anti-inflammatory properties to treat inflammation of the internal organs and soft tissue



  • Drains fire from the Liver and the Gallbladder channels

  • Clears damp-heat from the lower jiao

  • Nourishes yin



Take 4 capsules three times daily. Treatment is most effective if herbal therapy begins immediately with the first sign of outbreak and continues throughout the entire course of infection. 

*Take the herbs with meals if they experience stomach discomfort.




Che Qian Zi (Semen Plantaginis)

Da Huang (Radix et Rhizoma Rhei)

Dan Shen (Radix et Rhizoma Salviae Miltiorrhizae)

Di Huang (Radix Rehmanniae)

Ge Gen (Radix Puerariae Lobatae)

Hua Shi (Talcum)

Huang Bo (Cortex Phellodendri Chinensis)

Huang Qin (Radix Scutellariae)

Long Dan (Radix et Rhizoma Gentianae)

Niu Xi (Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae)

Shi Jue Ming (Concha Haliotidis)

Ze Xie (Rhizoma Alismatis)

Zhen Zhu Mu (Concha Margaritiferae)

Zhi Zi (Fructus Gardeniae)



  • Herbal treatment is ineffective for malignant hypertension and some secondary hypertension, such as renal stenosis or pheochromocytoma. Refer the patient to a medical doctor, as surgical intervention may be necessary.

  • Gentiana Complex should be taken for approximately one to two weeks when treating viral, bacterial or fungal infection. Once the infection subsides, the patient should be placed on a maintenance regimen using Nourish to prevent future attacks.

  • Gentiana Complex is contraindicated for long-term use when treating viral, bacterial or fungal infection. This formula is designed to treat only the acute conditions, and should not be used for long-term or prophylactic treatments.

  • Some patients may experience mild stomach discomfort or loose stools, which may be alleviated by reducing the dosage of herbs or taking the herbs with food.

  • This formula is contraindicated during pregnancy and nursing.

  • This herbal formula contains herbs that invigorate blood circulation. Therefore, patients who are on anticoagulant or antiplatelet therapies, such as Coumadin (warfarin), should use this formula with caution, or not at all, as there may be a higher risk of bleeding and bruising.

Gentiana Complex - Capsules (100 count)


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