Clinical Applications 

  • Chronic chemical poisoning 

  • Heavy metal poisoning

  • Chronic poisoning from air pollution

  • Chronic food poisoning 

  • Chronic poisoning form accumulation of drugs and their metabolites 


Western Therapeutic Actions 

  • General detoxification effect to treat chronic exposure to and accumulation of unwanted substances, such as chemical, herbicides and pesticides, allergens, heavy metals, drugs and other industrial pollutants and contaminants.

  • Hepatoprotective effect to protect the liver.

  • Nephroprotective effect to protect the kidneys  


Chinese Therapeutic Actions 

  • Clears heat and eliminates toxins 

Expels toxins through urine and stool 

  • Nourishes yin

  • Tonifies Kidney and Heart 


Cautions & Contraindications 

  • Acute overdose or sever poisining 
  • Disontinue if hermatura ( blood in the urine)  occurs
  • Disoriented or convulsion
  • Taking with blood thinners 
  • Reduce or discontinue use if stomach upset occurs 


Herbal DTX