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  • Acute muscle aches and pain with heat manifestations, such as swelling, burning sensation, and inflammation

  • Acute re bi (heat painful obstruction), arthritis, arthralgia or gout with redness and swelling

  • Fibromyalgia with heat manifestations

  • Rheumatic heat disorders



  • Analgesic function to relieve pain

  • Anti-inflammatory effect to reduce inflammation and swelling

  • Antirheumatic and antiarthritic functions to treat disorders of the connective tissue such as joints, muscles, bursae, tendons and fibrous tissues

  • Immunomodulatory and immunosuppressive properties to treat joint disorders due to autoimmune disease

  • Chondroprotective and osteo protective benefits to strengthen connective tissues and repair joints



  • Expels wind and heat

  • Disperses bi zheng (painful obstruction syndrome)

  • Clears damp-heat and reduces swelling

  • Alleviates pain



Take 3 to 4 capsules three times daily. Dosage may be increased up to 5 to 6 capsules every four to six hours as needed. For quick and maximum effectiveness, take the herbs on an empty stomach with warm water.




Cang Zhu (Rhizoma Atractylodis)

Dang Gui Wei (Extremitas Radix Angelicae Sinensis)

Du Huo (Radix Angelicae Pubescentis)

Fang Ji (Radix Stephaniae Tetrandrae)

Huang Bo (Cortex Phellodendri Chinensis)

Lu Lu Tong (Fructus Liquidambaris)

Luo Shi Teng (Caulis Trachelospermi)

Qiang Huo (Rhizoma et Radix Notopterygii)

Qin Jiao (Radix Gentianae Macrophyllae)

Sang Zhi (Ramulus Mori)

Shi Gao (Gypsum Fibrosum)

Wei Ling Xian (Radix et Rhizoma Clematidis)

Wu Jia Pi (Cortex Acanthopanacis)

Xi Xian Cao (Herba Siegesbeckiae)

Yi Yi Ren (Semen Coicis)

Zhi Mu (Rhizoma Anemarrhenae)




  • This formula is contraindicated during pregnancy and nursing.

  • This herbal formula contains herbs that invigorate blood circulation, Therefore, patients who are on anticoagulant or antiplatelet therapies, such as Coumadin (warfarin), should use this formula with caution, or not at all, as there may be a higher risk of bleeding and bruising.

Flex (Heat) - Capsules (100 count)


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