Clinical Applications 

  • Psoriasis, parapsoriasis and other scaling disease

  • Severe acne with pus, abscesses and redness 

  • Dermatological disorders with sores, abscesses, lesions, blisters, and severe itching 

Westen Therapeutic Actions 

  • Antiproliterative action to suppress proliferation of the psoriatic cells 

  • Immunosuppressive and immunomodulatory activities to control hyperactive immune system 

  • Antipruritic effect to inhibit scratching 

  • Antiallergic effect to alleviate allergies 

  • Antihistamine effect to relieve itching 

  • Anti- inflammatory effect to reduce tissue inflammation 

Chinese Therapeutic Actions 

  • Clears heat and detoxifies 

  • Invigorates blood circulation and nourishes blood 


Cautions and Contraindications 

  • Contraindicated during pregnancy and nursing 
  • If you have a weak stomach take formula with food

Dermatrol (PS) - Capsules (100 count)