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Clinical applications Any skin condition that appears to be visibly wet and purulent, or contain pus, abscess or oozing fluids. Skin conditions considered as wet, such as infectious eczema, lesions, ulcers, carbuncles, furuncles, cellulitis, rash, candidal infections, contact and static dermatitis, herpes zoster, and acne vulgaris. Western therapeutic actions: Anti-allergic effect to relieve allergies Antipruritic function to relieve itching Anti-inflammatory activity to reduce skin swelling and inflammation Antibiotic to treat skin infections Antioxin and antidote benefit to neutralize and antagonize chemical, allergens and toxins Chinese therapeutic actions: Clear heat, eliminates toxins Dispels wind, relieve itching Strength the spleen, dispel dampness Cautions and contraindications: Contra indicated during pregnancy in nursing Contra indicated for long-term use Contra indicated if taking blood thinners

Dermatrol (Damp) - Capsules (100 count)