Clinical Applications 

  • Cognitive impairment with forgetfulness,  poor memory and difficulty concentrating or focusing 

  • Delayed mental development in children

  • Deterioration cognition in elderly patients 

  • Adjunct formula for individuals who wish to improve their memory, cognitive function and mental alertness 

  • Support formula for periods of mental stress, such as long work hours, impending deadlines and exams 


Westen Therapeutic Action 

  • Cognitive effect to improve memory and learning ability 

  • Circulatory effect to improve blood perfusion and delivery of oxygen and essential nutrients to the brain

  • Neuroprotective effect to prevent and treat neurodegenerative disorders and drug induced memory impairments 


Chinese Therapeutic Action 

  • Nourishes the Heart 

  • Tonifies the Kidney essence 

  • Invigorates blood circulation to the head 


Caution & Contraindications

  • Pregnancy or nursing 

  • Taking blood thinner

Enhance Memory - Capsules (100 count)