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Do you have body aches or digestive complaints? Do you have headaches all the time? Or do you overeat? Well this article is for you!

Mental stressors can cause physical stress on our bodies and contribute greatly to body aches. The more mental stress you’re under directly correlates to more physical stress. Over time, this can lead to big internal issues because.

body aches could point to issues with your kidneys, digestive system or liver.

The four most commonly experienced digestive complaints are:

  • gastric reflux

  • stomach ulcers

  • diarrhea

  • constipation

These digestive complaints can be a sign of stress manifesting as digestive issues. Acupuncture is great at reducing stress levels and healing the gut!

Are you enduring headaches that last all day? Well, much like real estate, headaches are all about location, location, location. The location of your headaches tells a lot about the health of your internal organs. Headaches are categorized into four groups:

  • Frontal (forehead) = digestive issues

  • Temporal (side of head) = stress and anxiety

  • vertex (top of head) = kidney and liver issues

  • Occipital (back of head) = urinary issues

An appointment with The Point of Health will allow Dr. Woodard-Hampton to diagnose and treat the cause of your headache, as well as provide you with a list of action steps that you can do at home to help alleviate them.

The holiday season can bring up a lot of emotions. Sometimes not so good emotions. If you find yourself self-medicating with comfort food, take note of what you’re craving. Did you know the foods you crave can tell you a lot about how your internal organs are functioning? Moreover, overindulging in comfort foods can lead to weight gain, obesity, diabetes and so much more. Acupuncture will help you address the reason for your need for comfort foods and reduce the craving for unhealthy foods.

The combination of the COVID 19 pandemic, job loss, food insecurities and a number of other stressors can take a heavy toll on your health. Regular acupuncture treatments will help uncover discomforts associated with stress. If you’re suffering from one of the aforementioned ailments, have no fear: The Point of Health Wellness Center is here for you.

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