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Welcome to The Point of Health Wellness Center

Everyday, millions of people suffer from physical ailments and mental health issues.

Insomnia, depression, anxiety, and issues of chronic pain plague individuals who just want permanent relief. They turn to various prescribed medications which work to cure the symptoms, but leave people to face negative side effects without addressing the route cause of the issue.

A look at Atlanta’s current state of wellness shows us a picture of a city in need of holistic alternatives.

How is Atlanta's Health?

Taking a closer look at our beautiful home city, Atlanta--did you know that a study published in CDC reported that 8.3 million residents suffer some form of psychological stress? The researchers also mentioned that Georgia is among one of the most stressed states in the United States. This says a lot about the common health-related ailments Atlanta residents suffer from:

  • Insomnia Atlanta Statistics: Insomnia Atlanta facts and figures show that one out of four residents have sleeping disturbances.

  • Depression Atlanta Statistics: Depression Atlanta percentages reveal that mood disorders in the city have a 3-7% prevalence. People suffer either from Major Depressive Episodes or other mood disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

  • Fibromyalgia Atlanta Statistics: Fibromyalgia Atlanta figures show that 3-6% of the population also suffer from this common chronic pain illness. Chronic pain patients also develop psychological symptoms such as depression and anxiety, in addition to their physical condition.

These numbers point to a much-needed treatment option that can be easily overlooked, and that is Traditional Chinese Medicine.

What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a set of ancient-old practices that have presented numerous positive effects to the ailments mentioned above with minimal side effects. These include the use of Tradional Chinese herbal medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, cupping, reflexology, essential oils, nutrition and other holistic treatments.

You may ask, what is the difference between Western medicinal methods and Traditional Chinese medicine herbs?

The answer is simple.

While most medications and contemporary forms of treatments focus on elimination of symptoms, these ancient forms of therapy are designed to promote overall wellness. This is not to discount the effectiveness of Western medicine--but rather, to serve as a form of support for ailment sufferers.

This is the heart of our mission at The Point of Health Wellness Center: To provide support, offer an alternative, and promote holistic care.

Below, we will understand the various forms of treatment available in our center, and how it can benefit your health.

What Treatments Are Available At The Point Of Health Wellness Center, Plus Their Benefits?

At our center, we don’t subscribe to a one-size-fits-all approach. We want you to have a customized experience that suits your health needs. That is why we offer a variety of wellness services meant to provide relief and healing for all people, regardless of their previous experience with holistic medicine.

Acupuncture Atlanta Services

If you’re looking for a safe, effective Acupuncture Atlanta service, our center offers one of the top treatment approaches. Most metro acupuncture centers would only have a single variation for this holistic therapy. However, our center offers two kinds of acupuncture Atlanta GA treatments:

  • Traditional acupuncture: Metro acupuncture services recognize this longstanding, traditional method of using very thin needles to relieve pressure and muscle tension. The Point of Health Wellness Center offers state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a painless method of acupuncture in Atlanta GA, whether you’re a resident, or coming out-of-state.

  • Needleless acupuncture: Some clients are hesitant about invasive acupuncture Atlanta GA services--making them skeptical about this treatment procedure. However, this method of needleless acupuncture sets us apart from other companies offering acupuncture in Atlanta GA. We use both ancient and modern acupuncture equipment to perform this procedure.

Rarely will you find centers for acupuncture in Atlanta GA that presents both approaches. You can see which one works for you the best, as both methods offer the same level of benefits.

Acupressure Atlanta Services

Aside from the well-known acupuncture therapy, acupressure Atlanta services are also offered in our center. This is done by massaging or pressing certain meridian points to help improve blood circulation, trigger lymph nodes, and release muscle tension. It is based upon the Chinese herbal medicine ideology that “life energy” flows through the body.

Also called “Chi”, this life energy continuously flows when we remove the blockages through acupressure.

Cupping Therapy Atlanta Services

Another form of Chinese medicine Atlanta service offered in our center is cupping therapy. This involves the use of suction cups that serve as a form of deep-tissue massage. The suction created in the individual’s back helps in these areas:

  • Pain relief

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Increase relaxation

The equipment and cupping therapy Atlanta approaches you will experience at The Point of Health Wellness Center are guaranteed to be safe, hygienic, and with most minimal risk of side effects.

Reiki Atlanta Services

Although not part of the Chinese medicine Atlanta services branch, Reiki is still a form of ancient Eastern therapy. Japanese in its origin, it is an approach where a practitioner transfers energy through the practitioner’s palms to the client’s body, in order to promote healing and wellness.

Our Reiki Atlanta Services involve one-on-one classes with a “master”, helping the client release stress through energy healing.

The Point of Health Wellness Center understands you--and your needs for alternative medicine. These Chinese herbal medicine Atlanta therapies are now within reach with the utmost promise of quality service.

An AcuGraph is a tool that analyzes and and give a graphic representation of the energetic status of the body by using the acupuncture channels. Acupuncture channels are energetic pathways in the body that conduct energy in and around the body.

Moxibution Atlanta Services

This Chinese herbal medicine Atlanta treatment involves the burning of the dried mugwort plant in several parts of the body. It is believed that doing so will promote the life energy “Chi” to continuously flow, as the heat is applied. Many clients who have tried the moxibution Atlanta service offered at our center claim to experience invigoration, pain relief and better well-being.

Call today and schedule your appointment to discover The Point of Health


An Acu Party is for people who want to try acupuncture but think they cant afford it. Get together 8 of your friends and all 8 of you try acupuncture together.  Visit for more information about this service.

Why Should You Choose The Point Of Health Wellness Center?

We believe in well-being as much as healing.

Although it is remarkable to experience relief from varying mental and physical conditions, we believe that true healing isn’t just about methods to cure--it is also about approaches that promote our clients’ well-being.

Acupuncture, acupressure, and other holistic therapies seek not only to treat the symptoms, but also to improve one’s wellness and prevent recurring and future ailments.

We offer affordable services.

Want holistic therapy but do not have insurance? Not to worry! Many of our services cost less than $100 per hour. Aside from this, we also accept major insurance policies that cover our types of services.

Most competitors offer a much higher rate. Dr. Brittany Woodward, the center’s founder, is an expert in Oriental Medicine and a Holistic Nutritionist. With qualified experts on our roster, you are guaranteed the best service at a stellar price.

We are progressive and dynamic.

Although The Point of Health Wellness Center employs ancient Eastern medicine, it is without doubt that we respect personal views on health. We believe that these age-old practices can be improved and integrated with technology, to help improve safety, effectiveness, and client satisfaction.

Thus, we consider our treatment approaches rooted from traditions, yet it is blended with progressive methodologies that help make a life-changing experience.

We want to meet your specific needs.

Our center believes that the best type of intervention is that which our clients are involved in their choice of treatment. That is why we offer a multitude of holistic therapies to fit your preferences.

Some clients have more experience with traditional medicine and would feel comfortable with acupuncture or cupping therapy. Others would like a conservative approach and will go for non-invasive procedures. Either way, you can benefit from our wellness services based on your specific needs.

We offer support.

Some clients come to our center after years of experience in conventional medicine to no avail. In many ways, conventional methods of curing ailments can work--but for some people, the side effects of medications may just be too much.

Thus, The Point of Health Wellness Center provides support to our clients who want to find gentler, side effect-free methods to healing. Whether it’s chronic pain, mental health problems, allergies, digestive disorders, women’s health issues or many others--you can come to us.

Experience Healing and Wellness Today

It is time to break free from the pain of physical and mental health illnesses. When it seems like no solutions are available, The Point of Health Wellness Center can give you the hope you truly need.

Just contact us today--healing and wellness is within your reach.

WHAT Patients Are SAYing

“You are the most thorough acupuncturist I have ever been to.”


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