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Non-Surgical Hair & Skin Restoration Therapy is a minimally invasive skin-restoration procedure that involves the use of the Acu Micro-Needle Pen.

The mechanical action of the pen allows the needles to puncture the skin and create a controlled injury at a specific depth. Each puncture creates a channel that triggers the body's natural healing process to fill these micro wounds by producing new collagen and elastin in the top layer of skin, as well as new capillaries for improved blood supply. The result is improvement in skin tone, texture and firmness, as well as reduction in scars, pore size and stretch marks.

Treatments with a micro needle pen do not burn (like laser), dissolve (like chemical peels), or abrade and scrape (like dermabrasion) the skin. Non-Surgical Hair & Skin Restoration with the Acu Micro Pen gently stimulates the skin with very fine needles that encourage natural collagen production. The top layer of the skin is parted without being damaged, leaving the skin intact. Using Non-Surgical Hair & Skin Restoration needling consistently will trigger the body's repair process until the desired level of skin restoration is achieved.

At The Point of Health, on the initial visit, we do a diagnostic exam to determine if your body has any imbalances and the root cause of what has compelled you to come in for Non-Surgical Hair & Skin Restoration. We then create a personalized herbal regime based on your root cause and the symptoms you are experiencing. We also combine hyaluronic acid with individualized serums made from Chinese herbs to hydrate and heal the skin. You will leave with your very own customized essential oil blend to use daily to enhance the effect of the Non-Surgical Hair & Skin Restoration.

Combining Non-Surgical Hair & Skin Restoration with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and specific essential oils makes for a complete healing process. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine help to address the root cause, while the essential oils work on the surface. The micro-channels created by the needles allow for deeper penetrations of topical serums for more effective results. This procedure can increase the skin's ability to use the nutrients by up to 3,000 percent.

What Non-Surgical Hair & Skin Restoration treats.

  • Acne scars

  • Fine lines & moderate wrinkles

  • Skin laxity

  • Pore size

  • Texture, tone and color

  • Stretch marks

  • Traumatic scars

  • Photo aging & sun damage

  • Hyperpigmentation & hypopigmentation

  • Hair loss

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