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We don’t know about you, but we’ve never been more excited to see a new year. To say 2020 has been a monster of a year is an understatement. From deaths of celebrities, family and friends to food and employment insecurity, we’ve lived through a truly historic year. The good news is, we made it through! The bad news is, due to quarantining, we’re willing to bet you’ve eaten all types of junk food and endured unimaginable stress. It’s time for a detox.

What is detoxing?

Detoxing is ridding the body of alcohol, drugs, poisons or other toxic substances that have accumulated and are having a negative impact on the body. In a world of air pollution, noise pollution, junk food, fast food and an influx of negative emotions due to the global pandemic and everyday life stressors, clearing your body of toxins has never been more important to your health.

How do these toxins affect your body?

The aforementioned factors literally affect the body on a cellular level. Cells become clogged and overflow with toxicity, which causes them to lose elasticity and prematurely age. The glands in joints also can get clogged, leading to less production of fluids that lubricate joints. The accumulation of junk food, negative emotions and toxins can lead to constipation. If this occurs blood, blood vessels and lymph (Lymph is a clear fluid that travels through your body's arteries, circulates through your tissues to cleanse them and keep them firm, and then drains away through the lymphatic system) can become polluted and lead to poor blood circulation. As this polluted blood flows through polluted blood vessels, the body has to work harder to circulate the blood. This leads to decreased energy. The internal glands also can become clogged, causing decreased production and secretion of hormones. The combined effect is a lowered immune system.

What can be done about all these toxins?

Detoxing your body, of course! During the detoxification process, cellular cleansing happens, leading to you feeling stronger and healthier. Detoxing should occur four times a year with the change of the seasons. At The Point of Health, we know that personalization is the key to health and wellness, so we work together to formulate a personalized detox plan that will leave you feeling and looking great.

Just click the link, fill out all the necessary forms and you're off to a great start for the new year. Once you have detoxed, it is important to maintain healthy habits, so we send you home with specific aftercare instructions on for after care.

Walk into 2021 healthy and feeling your best! After all you’ve endured, you deserve it. The Point of Health Wellness Center is here to help you achieve your health and body goals. Here’s to a fit and fabulous new year!

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