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What is a wellness mat? A wellness mat is an FDA-approved device that relieves pain and muscle spasms. It also improves circulation with infrared heat and utilizes crystal therapy to treat a wide variety of ailments. The wellness mat makes expert use of three crystal formations: amethyst, jade and tourmaline. Let's explore the effects of each crystal so that you have a comprehensive overview of what the wellness mat can do for you.

Amethyst is used as a means of grounding. It helps bring on feelings of tranquility and calm.

Jade, known for its beauty, adds a cleaning property that increases the body's ability to filtrate and eliminate.

Tourmaline, known for its healing qualities, strengthens the immune system, regenerates cells, stabilizes blood pressure, improves circulation by dilating blood vessels, purifies blood and improves cardiac function.

When these incredibly effective crystal therapies are combined with Far Infrared heat technology, the results are astounding. The Far Infrared heat therapy has long-reaching effects from improving circulation, cardiovascular and immune function to pain relief, calorie burning, and stress and fatigue reduction. The secret is in the elevated body temperature. In regards to circulation and cardiovascular health, warming the blood expands the blood vessel. This results in improved circulation and heart function.

In the case of improved immune function, raised body temperature mimics a fever and initiates the immune system, which causes the body to naturally detoxify.

When it comes to burning calories and pain relief, according to the Journal of American Medical Association, 30 minutes of far infrared session burns as many calories as rowing or jogging for 30 mins. This, combined with the heat's natural relaxing effects on muscles and soft tissue, increases oxygen in blood—thereby speeding recovery and reducing pain. In turn your nerves are soothed, your muscles are relaxed and your stress is reduced. And all the while, your energy levels are rising.

Finally, the wellness mat improves the health of the largest organ of the body: the skin. The far infrared heat and negative ions deeply penetrate the skin, cleanse impurities in the skin and lymph which increases circulation, draws nutrients to the surface and rejuvenates the skin. This incredible tool—when combined with regular acupuncture, supplements (if needed) and a healthy diet—can completely revitalize your health.

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