Circulation (SJ) - Capsules (100 count)

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Clinical Applications 

  • Severe blood stasis and stagnant blood circulation in upper, middle and lower jiao: 
  • Severe blood stasis in the upper jiao: headaches, angina pectoris, rheumatic heart disease, heart disease, thrombosis, embolism, cardiac ischemia, bradyarrhythmia, stroke, concussion, post-concussion syndrome, cerebral atherosclerosis hyperlipidemia and physical injury to the chest
  • Severe blood stasis in the middle jiao: pleural adhesions, acute and chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, hemangioma,and jaundice
  • Severe blood stasis in the lower jiao: Female and male infertility, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, uterine bleeding, atopic pregnancy, uterine cyst, pelvic inflammatory disease, ulcerative colitis, and urinary stones
  • Chronic traumatic injury that was not treated properly back in the acute phase and now re-exacerbates on and off
  • Cardiovascular, circulatory or clotting disorders
  • Chronic musculoskeletal injuries, joint injuries (such as knee, ankle, wrist, elbow, shoulder, back)
  • Post stroke pain and adhesions

Western therapeutic actions

  • Treats cardiovascular and circulatory disorders throughout the entire body
  • Antiplatelet and anticoagulant affect to reduce the risk of blood clots and decrease blood thickness
  • Vasodilating effect to lower blood pressure and increase blood perfusion
  • Strengthens cardiac contraction and includes blood circulation

Chinese therapeutic actions

  • Invigorates blood and Qi circulation in the upper middle and lower jiao
  • Dispels blood stasis and qi stagnation
  • Unblocks meridians and relieves pain

Cautions and contraindications

  • This form this should not be taken by patients that are on blood thinners such as Coumadin or warfarin
  • This formula is contraindicated during pregnancy and nursing
  • This formula should be used with caution during menstruation as it may cause excessive bleeding
  • This formula is contraindicated in patients with bleeding disorders

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