Primary Benefits

  • Supports healthy cellular integrity
  • Protects body and cells from oxidative stress
  • Promotes overall cellular health
  • Supports the health of the brain and nervous system
  • Aids in a healthy immune response




DDR Prime Essential Oil Cellular Complex is a  blend of essential oils that supports healthy cellular integrity.This blend protects against oxidative stress. This blend also helps support a healthy immune response In addition, DDR Prime is calming to the nervous system.  Supportive to the health of the brain and nervous system, use DDR Prime as daily overall wellness support.*



Frankincense Resin, Wild Orange Peel, Litsea Fruit, Thyme Leaf, Clove Bud, Summer Savory Plant, Niaouli Leaf, and Lemongrass Leaf essential oils.

Aromatic Description

Herbaceous, citrus, sweet

DDR Prime