This is a 4 phase treatment for infertility. 

  • Phase 1- Menstrual Phase ( the week of menstruation): During this phase blood moving herbs are used to ensure proper shedding of the uterine lining.

  • Phase 2- Follicular Phase ( week following the last day of menstruation):During this phase herbs are used to strengthen the body.

  • Phase 3- Ovulatory Phase ( week of ovulation): During this phase herbs are used to help eggs mature and promote ovulation.

  • Phase 4- Luteal Phase ( week before the onset of the menstruation): During this phase herbs are used to PMS before it starts. 


Cautions & Contraindications 

  • Blossom should be discontinued when the patient becomes pregnant. 

  • Women who take these fertility formulas may experience more bleeding during their periods, which is normal response of the herbs 


Blossom - Capsules (100 count)/ $35 each